Entrepreneurship ​

Business ownership brings opportunity, flexibility, control, and the chance to pursue a dream and create an opportunity for others. Unfortunately, most young people do not have the networks and resources that are needed to start something on their own. Abetec comes in to deliver a range of entrepreneurship support services, from training, marketing, mentoring, access to finance and insight to drive change, help you validate your ideas, start, grow and scale your business so as to help you navigate the challenges of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

  • Mentorship – We match you with a mentor to help you walk the entrepreneurship journey smoothly
  • Business Plan – We help you to focus on specific steps necessary to make your business ideas succeed, and also help you to achieve both their short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Marketing strategies – We give you a “Road Map” to achieve greater results, such as sales growth, build a brand and help you penetrate the market
  • Design thinking – You don’t just want to start a business but align it with your passion and skills and test the idea before you launch.Here we show you how to do just that

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