Vocational programs


According to recent estimates by the World Bank, more than 10 million young Africans, often poorly skilled, leave the school system every year in search of jobs in local employment markets which are not expanding fast enough to create jobs


Many young people give up on their dreams to start their own income-generating activities due to lack of capital and space after acquiring the skills


The absence of practical skills to match the market needs,  has resulted in high levels of unemployment, consequently leading to a state of poverty.


Young people from low social economic areas, miss out on online opportunities due to a lack of computer knowledge, digital skills and mentorship.


Youth living in peri-urban and rural areas face a higher risk of digital poverty because they lack access to the necessary tools and internet.

Vocational courses for young girls living in Peri-Urban and Rural areas.

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Job Creation

Assuming the responsibility of preparing the next generation of employees by equipping them with essential skills and shifting their mindset to become entrepreneurs rather than solely seeking employment opportunities.

Targeted Approach

Specializing on targeted skills gives you an upper hand

Equipping individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in their desired profession. Through tailored curriculum, we aim to offer a purposeful path for individuals to truly excel in their passion.”

Devine Mission

God has generously given us recourses, we support people to become good stewards not only to pursue profits but also to be mindful of people and planet

In God’s economy, resources are invaluable, as such we strive to cultivate and train stewards who, in their pursuit of profit, also possess the ability to prioritize the well-being of both humanity and planet.

Practical Exposure

Getting support from people who have already been there gives you an advantage as you navigate the market place

We emphasizes practical experience through experiments, placements, and mentorship. This allows students to apply their skills in real-world scenarios, resulting in a deeper, valuable industry connections & references.

Popular Classes

We are re-imagining vocational and digital skills training. Empowering young people and women to unlock their full potential and build valuable capabilities to thrive in today’s dynamic professional and business landscape.

IT Essential
Our IT courses are backed by Cisco expertise. Setting you up to work in any industry, access flexible opportunities, ability to work remotely, and more
Baking Tech
Did you know that advanced baking skills can prepare you for a great career and give you an opportunity to start your own business.
Creative Arts
Do you ever find yourself craving for creativity? and wonder how you can turn these passions into a profitable and sustainable business?
Have you ever wondered how you could generate business ideas, create business models & understand the funding landscape?